‘Whispers in the Dark’ Working Cover

The tentative cover for my NaNoWriMo book, Whispers in the Dark, just so that you guys can see what I’ll be working on in the weeks ahead in case you don’t hear from me . . .

Here’s a brief synopsis:

A colony of disabled Americans labeled “unfit” by an alternate reality US government struggles to survive in East Harlem. Young Ethan Petruccio, a deaf teenager, works up the courage to break curfew and ultimately leave his forgotten ghetto during daylight–a strictly forbidden deed–and strikes up relationships with several “normal” youths. These friends prove to be a valuable resource to him, but drive an immovable wedge between him and his visually impaired former best friend, Emmanuel (Manny). 

Spending time with people who have full possession of their physical and mental faculties instills in Ethan that there is no difference between the two people groups besides what they are forced to do to survive. The importance of equal treatment  inspires him to enter a legal battle for unfit rights with an unlikely ally. Ethan realizes that his differences can serve as assets instead of disabilities in this bigoted world, but will they be enough to help him change the hearts and minds of the frightened “fits?”

And how about an excerpt? By the way, if you are participating in NaNoWriMo, you have access to all of the authors’ synopses and excerpts. Just to make you a bit jealous.

Manny’s hand restlessly reached out into the obscurity at his side, searching the wide open blackness for the familiar sensation of warm human flesh. After a moment, his fingertips came in contact with the soft-skinned face of Ethan Petruccio, his dozing best friend.

Ethan gave a start as the fingers brushed across his cheek. The physical contact neither surprised nor repulsed him; he merely disliked being awoken. Truth be told, he was accustomed to Manny’s inquisitive hands. Although he had found them incredibly awkward upon first meeting Emmanuel, it hadn’t taken long to get used to the idea of Manny “looking at him” using his fingers rather than his eyes.

Manny felt the startled flinch and heard the catch in Ethan’s previously steady breathing. Ethan looked up and squinted hard just in time to barely make out Manny’s fist circling his heart in the gloomy darkness—sign language for the word “sorry.”

Ethan was deaf. 

Oh, if only I spent as much time writing my book as I did designing its cover . . .


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