What I Wore: Shadows, Brick, and Squinty Sun

DEB shirt, American Eagle boots and skinny jeans, thrifted vest and scarf

Wow, I have quite the badonk in this one . . .

Piercing Pagoda cameo earrings. My favorite accessory! 

Last week my mom and grandma surprised me at work after having lunch at Chipotle with Rachel. So jealous. I am in a very serious relationship with the wonder that is Chipotle and even introduced my family to their food in the first place. Needless to say, I was hurt, but they were only trying to be thoughtful, since I was infinitely too busy to to join them during tech week.
They were then nice enough to take some outfit pictures of me for Nine to Phive before they left for home. You have my grandma to thank for all of the funny poses. I tell you, she is the confidence boost that every girl needs. She just thinks that I’m the best thing since sliced bread and kept telling me what new poses to try and then nudging my mom to take more pictures. “Oh, that’s such a good one!” “Isn’t this just the best outfit ever?”
I got to see those lovely ladies again at the One-Act festival last week! It was lovely. So much family . . . who I wouldn’t allow in my house because tech week=Josh and I have not cleaned for ages.

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