Live Well, Dress Well: 5 Ways to Style an X-Large Tee

Is there any filthier fashion transgression than the hideous XL T-shirt? I mean, it’s one thing if you are an extra large person, but wearing clothes that practically drip off of your limbs in order to lounge around the house or do yard work is an absolute sin! Yet we all own one. It was your dad’s. It was 99 cents at Salvo. Whatever the reason, it’s in your closet now, and there’s no way you will ever be caught dead in it.
Or is there?

Would you believe that you could rock that tee as an actually fashionable item of clothing? In fact, I have five tantalizing possibilities for you that will open up your mind to the potential that lies in that hideous XL.

1. Flowy Skirt
The first step in assembling each of these pieces is to stretch out the neckband. For this skirt option, pull the T-shirt over your head and put both arms through the head hole. Allow the neckband to rest at about your hips. Tie the sleeves into a bow in front, and rock this feminine skirt.
2. Wrap Minidress
This is my favorite remix for the shabby tee. Pull the neckband up over your chest and the tie the sleeves into a bow over your stomach and under “the girls.” I think this would make an adorable bathing suit coverup, but I have rocked it on its own before.
3. Drapey Halter Top
Pull the neckband down a little lower–right below your bra should work best. Then pull the sleeves up behind your neck and secure them with a knot.
4. Bow Infinity Scarf

This works great with any shirt that has a roomy neck. Put the whole shirt–neck and body hole–over your head and let it rest on your shoulders. If the sleeves hang down too obviously, tie a bow.

5. Criss-Cross Wrap Top 

For this one, you’ll need to put the shirt on upside down with the neckband around your waist. Tie the two bottom (now top) corners of the shirt around your neck and wrap the arms behind your back.
Look at the diversity that a grungy T-shirt can add to your wardrobe! It’s gotten to the point that I can hardly throw any of them out. I see so many possibilities in them all. Yes, even in this hideous Lord’s Gym number from the eighties.

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