Awkward and Awesome Thursday and What I Wore

American Eagle Outfitters jeans, Payless black flats,
Josh’s work sweatshirt from some surf shop in San Diego, DIY scarf,
White Stag hoop earrings that you can’t see until the next pic


  • Squinty McSquintster in the above pictures.
  • Just the above pictures in general. Take that, sporty chic. This here sweatshirt is long and baggy enough that I can pretend it’s a classy tunic and not a junky freakin’ sweatshirt.
  • Showing up for water polo and realizing that I do not currently own a tampon . . .
  • Josh’s costume for one of the plays he’s in. It’s a black mumu trenchcoat.
  • Beasting through Manhattan at a zillion miles per hour on foot because my companions were convinced that walking from West 33rd Street to East 58th would take “about twenty minutes.” Never deny my recommendation of the subway again, fellas. I am more street-savvy than you give me credit for!


  • One Act Festival opens tonight! Nerves.
  • That lacy navy blue scarf up there? It’s actually a shirt with my head through the body hole. Win!
  • Chit-chattin’ with Han-Banan. I miss that old married lady.
  • The live Haunted House last weekend! First I’ve ever been to. There was a possessed girl who kept screaming for you to get out of her room until you realized that you had to climb out through her dresser. Yikes.
  • Sean Christopher Hardy. When we got back from New York to a house with no food in it, he brought us tortellini pasta salad and Italian seasoned chicken. Best friend ever.
  • Reffing water polo (super fun) and getting paid for it!
  • Making it to the water polo championships. Not for the game I was reffing. That would be weird.
  • Sydney and Tyson’s newborn bebe, Everett Stone.
  • Having less than 100 pages left in Anna Karenina!!!
  • Jumping through the last hoop for the Avila trip. Now to get our visas in the mail, show up at the airport, and spend five months in Spain!

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