Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Silly Hubby


  • Joshy falling out of a hammock. He looks so cute and sad!
  • The freakin’ lady who cut my hair tonight! God bless ‘er, but she was the slowest hairdresser and the most annoying human being I have ever met! Monotone voice, awkward laugh, and everything. Good thing I saved $17 going to see her.
  • Being in the pool playing water polo when the power went out. The ref was counting down to halftime, “Three . . . two . . . one . . .” BLACKOUT! It was epic.
  • Wearing my costume all day tomorrow because Josh and I will be away on Halloween.
  • Sweet pickles. Blech.
  • NaNoWriMo. I’m kind of freaking out. Both about the impending stress and the fact that my only good ideas involve some type of adultery. Stupid Anna Karenina‘s all up in my head.
  • Oh yeah. Anna Karenina.
  • Hubby being very sleep-deprived and saying silly things all day long. I hope he catches up on the weekend.


  • Going to the haunted house with friends tomorrow night–in costume.
  • Dyeing my Princess Isabella (from Braveheart) costume today. Turns out “wine” dye will turn white velvet bright pink.
  • Joshy’s Braveheart getup. Made it myself 🙂
  • Writing an article for the Beacon and getting interviewed by three other reporters for their articles! The should change the name of this issue to the Thurston.
  • Cheap Love by Carrie and Erv Starr. I wish I could recommend meeting this adorable couple, but since you probably don’t live anywhere near here, I’ll just recommend the book.
  • Taco Bell beefy five-layer burrito without the beef. It’s been so long. I only had a teensy bite of Rachel’s. Promise.
  • Sydney from The Daybook getting ready to have her little bebe! Squeal!
  • This video. These guys are my friends from school. I had a coronary just watching this.
  • Rehearsals for “Sheltered!” Soooo funny! And Hubby is such a good actor.

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