The Rebirth of Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

I’m sure you noticed that after one too many times of forgetting Awkward and Awesome Thursday, I sort of let it die slowly. Of course, I now realize that if I cannot remember to publish a post with a consistent theme once a week, I probably have no business blogging at all.

It is therefore with humblest apologies that I return to you after a brief absence and offer unto you an Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


-Ali re-dyeing my hair with a basting brush
-The dress I wore today that looked a little too nice
-Writing a skit for chapel and then not going the day it was being performed
-Hubby having to stay home to do work while I go hang out with my procrastinating buddies :’-(
Powerbar fruit snacks. Stick to your bars, guys.
-Explaining to everyone why I’m not allowed to eat so many “healthy” things. Apparently people don’t like to hear about your bladder very much.
-Foreign tech support representatives. I could go on forever. I’m pretty sure you’re name is not actually Bob, sir.
-Trying to talk to a very legit and athletic friend while they are out running

-Colin Farrell in Horrible Bosses. He used to be kind of sexy! Like in that terrible Pocohantas movie with Christian Bale. Actually basically all of Horrible Bosses was awkward.


-The above picture in which I appear to have been murdered in the bathtub.
Horrible Bosses. It was teehee, snort, and squirm in your seat because you feel guilty for laughing funny! I could have done without all of the swearing and boobs, though.
-Wegmans. Period. Everything is better at Wegmans.
-Blueberry juice and low-acid orange juice.
-Getting both of our passports! We’re actually going to do this thing!
-The progressive dinner tonight. We met so many sweet faculty couples and had so much good food!
-Drinking hot cider and eating a chocolate truffle without getting a flare-up! Win!
JoAnne Fabrics. I could live there.
-Hubby declaring that we need a “severe” cuddling session when he gets home. “And yes,” he clarified,” “severe is the right word for it.”
-Sticking up for marriage and fidelity in World Lit class and getting applauded 🙂


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