Live Well, Dress Well: Heaps of Heap!

While I’m ashamed to admit that I first discovered Imogen Heap because of Jason Derulo’s ridiculously overplayed song “Whatcha Say” in which the chorus samples Heap’s “Hide and Seek,” she soon became famous to me in her own right and is now one of the most inspiring individuals in my life. I am amazed by the utterly transcendent quality of her tunes. Her lyrics are at once mysterious and relatable. Her voice is pure and unique, and her music meshes a folksy soft jazz with elements of dance and electronica. Not to mention that the simplicity of the “Hide and Seek” music video mixed with the complexity of the song itself almost makes me pass out every time . . .

It’s her fashion sense, though, that really makes me feel right at home. I was forced to admit my strong affinity for her when Josh saw me making this collage for inspiration and peeked over my shoulder to say, “Oh, she’s got your style.” When I gave him a look of quizzical surprise, he corrected himself: “Or you’ve got hers . . . I don’t know . . .”

Well, I don’t think I’m quite that flamboyant, but that’s cute that he noticed the similarities.

I’m amazed that while I initially labelled Imogen as too high fashion and unwearable for my taste, I’ve slowly come to realize that my wardrobe is made up of a lot of similar elements (statement scarves, “ratty” dresses, arm-warmers, and I-didn’t-touch-this-today hair, anyone?).

Imogen’s style is all about bold imperfection. She relies on bright colors, full-bodied fabrics and textures, and unfinished edges created by feathers, fringe, and fur. Of course, the most gorgeously imperfect element of her style is her wild and wonderful hair. Up or down, plain or embellished, Imogen’s hair always makes an all-natural, easy, breezy, statement about how effortlessly chic this fashionista is.

I channelled the “unfinished” look with a gorgeous black fur vest and a frayed navy flower headband (our lady of the hour is big on flowers) as well as with the ruffling of the purple peasant skirt. The skirt glams the outfit up a bit with the smoothness of the sheer fabric, but it stays true to the slight bulkiness of many of Imogen’s outfits with all of the ruffles. These pointed heels with ribbed sock cover-ups are totally something Imogen would wear, and the black sheer tights add a sexiness that is always so subtle with her. Of course, I had to incorporate some arm warmers, and these sweater gauntlets were just the thing. I would wear the vest as a top on it’s own, but you might want to layer a long-sleeved t-shirt under something like this. Also, I would rock a messy updo with this outfit.That’s important if your channeling Heap hair!
Be sure to check out some of Imogen Heap’s music. There is so much more out there besides the notorious “Hide and Seek.” I recommend “Goodnight and Go,” “Speeding Cars,” and “Headlock.”
P.S. Her second outfit in the “Headlock” music video is to die for.

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