What I Wore: Beach Bum

So I’m actually nothing like a beach bum.
I’m not tan. I’m not blonde. I do not lie around in the sun attempting to become either, but I do pride myself in my ability to enjoy time on the sand with my beach bum mom and sister while still maintaining my pale, fashion-maven identity. (My grandma was at the beach with us as well, but she is not a bum either, although she can channel that look much better than I can.)
Payless floppy hat, Walmart tote bag, Target sunglass, Marshalls blue bikini,

and Forever 21 romper

This was a slightly sad day for me. We passed a pasty girl on the boardwalk and my sister exclaimed quietly, “Look at this girl! She is so pale!” I smiled and said, “Yeah, like me.” Pale is very in right now in high-fashion circles, you know. Rachel turned to me and shook her head. “Sorry, hon,” she said sadly, “You got some sun. You’re not pale anymore.”

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