What I Wore: Unicorn in the Woods

DIY Tiny Dancer tee, UK Style flowered bandeau,
Forever 21 bandage skirt, no shoes apparently
I really like the above picture. I think I look quite nice and almost like I know what I’m doing. The image is whimsical and earthy, but just you wait until you see this next one . . .

GAAAAAHH!!! Angsty unicorn on the loose! There’s no way I would have included this unfortunate image under normal circumstances, but it is sadly one of a mere three pictures that turned out from the minute shoot. Haha, “minute shoot.” I’m such a poet.
You see, Dear Husband was much more interested in taking pictures of how lovely my backside looked in this skirt than in getting pictures of silly things like the front side of me . . . or my shoes . . . or anything helpful. I guess that’s fine since this are my highly unattractive orthopedic shoes I bought for working on set.
Awkward moment of the day (since Awkward and Awesome Thursday seems to have died in my busyness): Eating dinner at Tom Wahl’s. It was Hubby’s first time. We shared a combo and had just enough to eat. It was a good time. Moderation is so enjoyable.

ANYWAY . . . as we are leaving, Hubby murmurs under his breath, “Honey, I’ve never been more proud of you.” He does not sound proud at all. I ask him what is wrong, and he responds, “I’m about to beat off with a stick all the guys who are staring at your butt right now.”


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