Almost Time to Roll Camera!

Tuesday begins shooting, and today was filled with prepping the newly-arrived actors for their month in front of the cameras.

I have been copying, stapling, hole-punching, and otherwise sorting the heck out of various production-related papers. Mostly scripts. I actually had to flip through all eighteen 95-page scripts and make sure all of the pages were in order. By the time I finished the eighteenth one, I had actually read the script in its entirety. It’s a great story! I am so anxious to see it all come together.
The inspiration wall by Shannandrenyse–
the Art Department team of Shannon, Andrew, and Denyse 🙂

Trying to find the perfect little black bird tattoo for the female lead

Wardrobe for one of the characters
And now the exciting part . . . pictures of the talent! Boy, I wish I had known about this project at its inception so that I could have auditioned. I guess when it comes down to it, acting is really where my heart is. Who am I kidding? My heart is in approximately seventy-four different places. Basically I only wish that I had auditioned for the film because these actors get the living daylights spoiled right out of them.
Testing trauma makeup

Testing tattoos

Airbrushing. So spoiled.
We are filming sooo soon!

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