The Artist in the Office: Conventional and Fashion-Consious Footwear

My new job (well, actually it’s more of an internship) as a production assistant for the independent film King’s Faith requires me to be on my feet nonstop. Even this whole week which has consisted only of pre-production jobs (essentially office jobs) has kept me running. To the copier! To the producer’s office! To a meeting with the first AD! To the huge calendar on the whiteboard! To Starbucks! Starbucks is very important in this business.
Anyway, this short week of work has taught me sooooo much. Not only have I learned by experience the ins and outs of film production, I have learned a few important tips which I will carry with me to every physically demanding job I ever get.
1. Comfortable shoes can be fashionable, but it’s not always worth it.
As I said, my occupation currently consists of many tasks that make it an “office job,” but this does not mean that I am stuck behind a desk all day. Running around but still wanting to keep my look somewhat business casual means I need a shoe that can be cute and ladylike while still having a well-padded sole and soft, stretchy straps (if any.) Comfort Plus Shoes is my go-to place for such foot-spoilin’. While any of the above shoes would be perfect for the office, you’d better believe that once I’m out on location shooting at sets in the woods or in abandoned houses or on the beach or wherever . . . I’m going to need to swap out for something even sturdier.
Shoes for Crews. Yay.
2. All you need to survive can fit in a good cross-body bag.
Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, Macy’s
Aside from a backpack, a cross-body bag is one of the few bags that will stay put while you are on the go. You could, of course, just use a backpack or even a fanny back, but I find the above bags to provide a fashionable alternative. Of course, I can always set down whatever purse I have with me while I’m at the production office, but once we’re out on location, I’ll need a bag like these that can keep all the essentials close to me while hugging my side and never leaving my sight.

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