What I Wore: Unicorn in the Woods

DIY Tiny Dancer tee, UK Style flowered bandeau,
Forever 21 bandage skirt, no shoes apparently
I really like the above picture. I think I look quite nice and almost like I know what I’m doing. The image is whimsical and earthy, but just you wait until you see this next one . . .

GAAAAAHH!!! Angsty unicorn on the loose! There’s no way I would have included this unfortunate image under normal circumstances, but it is sadly one of a mere three pictures that turned out from the minute shoot. Haha, “minute shoot.” I’m such a poet.
You see, Dear Husband was much more interested in taking pictures of how lovely my backside looked in this skirt than in getting pictures of silly things like the front side of me . . . or my shoes . . . or anything helpful. I guess that’s fine since this are my highly unattractive orthopedic shoes I bought for working on set.
Awkward moment of the day (since Awkward and Awesome Thursday seems to have died in my busyness): Eating dinner at Tom Wahl’s. It was Hubby’s first time. We shared a combo and had just enough to eat. It was a good time. Moderation is so enjoyable.

ANYWAY . . . as we are leaving, Hubby murmurs under his breath, “Honey, I’ve never been more proud of you.” He does not sound proud at all. I ask him what is wrong, and he responds, “I’m about to beat off with a stick all the guys who are staring at your butt right now.”

Almost Time to Roll Camera!

Tuesday begins shooting, and today was filled with prepping the newly-arrived actors for their month in front of the cameras.

I have been copying, stapling, hole-punching, and otherwise sorting the heck out of various production-related papers. Mostly scripts. I actually had to flip through all eighteen 95-page scripts and make sure all of the pages were in order. By the time I finished the eighteenth one, I had actually read the script in its entirety. It’s a great story! I am so anxious to see it all come together.
The inspiration wall by Shannandrenyse–
the Art Department team of Shannon, Andrew, and Denyse 🙂

Trying to find the perfect little black bird tattoo for the female lead

Wardrobe for one of the characters
And now the exciting part . . . pictures of the talent! Boy, I wish I had known about this project at its inception so that I could have auditioned. I guess when it comes down to it, acting is really where my heart is. Who am I kidding? My heart is in approximately seventy-four different places. Basically I only wish that I had auditioned for the film because these actors get the living daylights spoiled right out of them.
Testing trauma makeup

Testing tattoos

Airbrushing. So spoiled.
We are filming sooo soon!

The Artist in the Office: Conventional and Fashion-Consious Footwear

My new job (well, actually it’s more of an internship) as a production assistant for the independent film King’s Faith requires me to be on my feet nonstop. Even this whole week which has consisted only of pre-production jobs (essentially office jobs) has kept me running. To the copier! To the producer’s office! To a meeting with the first AD! To the huge calendar on the whiteboard! To Starbucks! Starbucks is very important in this business.
Anyway, this short week of work has taught me sooooo much. Not only have I learned by experience the ins and outs of film production, I have learned a few important tips which I will carry with me to every physically demanding job I ever get.
1. Comfortable shoes can be fashionable, but it’s not always worth it. 
As I said, my occupation currently consists of many tasks that make it an “office job,” but this does not mean that I am stuck behind a desk all day. Running around but still wanting to keep my look somewhat business casual means I need a shoe that can be cute and ladylike while still having a well-padded sole and soft, stretchy straps (if any.) Comfort Plus Shoes is my go-to place for such foot-spoilin’. While any of the above shoes would be perfect for the office, you’d better believe that once I’m out on location shooting at sets in the woods or in abandoned houses or on the beach or wherever . . . I’m going to need to swap out for something even sturdier.
Shoes for Crews. Yay.
2. All you need to survive can fit in a good cross-body bag.
Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, Macy’s
Aside from a backpack, a cross-body bag is one of the few bags that will stay put while you are on the go. You could, of course, just use a backpack or even a fanny back, but I find the above bags to provide a fashionable alternative. Of course, I can always set down whatever purse I have with me while I’m at the production office, but once we’re out on location, I’ll need a bag like these that can keep all the essentials close to me while hugging my side and never leaving my sight.

Your Space: Cola’s Golden-Age Getaway

I actually designed that purple vase at the Corning Museum of Glass.
Never knew she fancied it so.

Cola, for your information, is my youngest sister. Her real name is Nicole Lydia Crosby, but for some hybrid reasoning including the fact that she loves Coca-Cola and that the word Nicole does in fact have a “col” in it, she has always liked it that I occasionally call her Cola. She, unlike middle sister Rachel, has failed to appear on my blog thus far due to the fact that she has been away at summer camp most of the weekends that I have connected with my PA family.

So like the socially inappropriate and privacy-invading sister that I am, I decided to take some pictures of her bedroom in her absence. It’s purely for inspirational purposes, honest 🙂
That’s actually a creme soda bottle behind Cary Grant and it’s filled with
creme-soda-colored glass pebbles like the ones you’d put in a fish bowl. Whoda thunk?

I never cease to be amazed by the fact that this picture and the one that opened the post tell you almost everything you need to know about Cola. See, the thing I’ve always loved about her (and I’ve told her so, though I’m not sure she understood what I meant) is that she is so her. She is so Nicole. So Cola. Nicole has never fallen into the trap of pretending to be someone she’s not. She never masks her feelings towards something that she fears is unpopular. In fact, I think she quite enjoys being different. What’s not to love about an attitude like that?

All this to say, Nicole’s interests, likes, and dislikes have changed very little over the years because she is so unaffected by trends. Let’s look at some themes present in her room that have been there basically since she had the option to decorate her own room:

  • Classic movie stars (Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Humphrey Bogart, etc.)
  • Classic musicians (Elvis most notably)
  • Vintage Coca-Cola paraphernalia
  • Europe (specifically Paris)
  • Animals or animal print
  • Books
  • Movies (all kinds, you have no idea how diverse this girl’s collections is)
  • Asian pop culture (this is a relatively new interest, haha)

Cola’s King
Miss Hepburn, herself

The above photo is of the three most populous shelves of one of Nicole’s two bookcases. They are filled with beautiful leather-bound classics given to Nicole by a distant relative who took a shine to her. Some of the hundred-volume collection are at our Grandma’s house and some Nicole allowed me to take to Rochester. I was curious as to why she displayed these three-shelves-worth so proudly while other equally beautiful books she was willing to give away (books like The Ovid, Plato’s Republic, A Picture of Dorien Grey. . .) Nicole answered me simply:
“I only keep the ones that I like to read.”
She actually reads these! Most sixteen-year-old girls have never even opened Uncle Tom’s Cabin or The Three Musketeers or The Origin of the Species or War & Peace (freaking WAR AND PEACE!) and Nicole keeps them around in case she wants to read them again! The girl’s amazing. I’m an English major and even my reading list doesn’t look much like hers. 

Empty Coke bottle! Oh yeah, and Gene Kelly.

See? More Coke!

She loves music. Has pretty great taste, too. Except she likes Glee. Meh.

Zebra bedside table
Nicole has got an eye on her. That’s for sure. She just knows what she likes and she knows how to make it look good. I think her uniquely consistent personality and artistic flair make her infinitely attractive as a person. Could just be because she’s my sister, but if you had ever had a chat with her in this boudoir of hers, I know you’d be vigorously nodding your head in agreement as you read this.
Crack open the nearest bottle of Coke, if you will (creme soda will also suffice), and raise it high. Here’s to Cola and to discovering the beauty of surrounding yourself with all the things you love.
Can’t wait for you to come home, Nicole!

ASL to Cee Lo Green’s "Forget You" (Uncensored)

Messiah College’s Homecoming Coffeehouse a few years ago

You may not know this, but I am proficient (note I don’t say “fluent”) in American Sign Language. I am always quick to follow up that statement with the fact that  I am actually quite petrified of attempting to carry on signed conversations with members of the deaf community. What if they make fun of me?

I know. I’m pathetic.

What I am good at, however, is interpreting songs into ASL. I perform at coffee houses, church and school events, and even weddings lately. This is one of my greatest passions and talents and probably should have appeared on my blog sooner.

When I saw this video on a deaf and hard-of-hearing blog, I knew I had to share to introduce to my audience what is possible with signed musical interpretations! This girl has talent. Now, I try to avoid swearing as much as is humanly possible, so rather than post the actual video on my blog, I’ve just provided the Youtube link:

F*** You ASL Performance

She is on fiy-ah! I love how she starts out looking all sweet and then she pulls out bucketloads of attitude. I am so impressed. (She is way better than me, for the record) This is her final for a college ASL course. I feel so sorry for the person who presented after her . . .

Anyway, look forward to more ASL-related posts in the future now that I have acclimated you all to this unique art form.

For Your Inspiration: It All Ends

How fabulous is this shot of the cast?
If anyone can find the shoot this came from, look me up!

12:01 AM tonight/tomorrow morning. I never thought I would be one of those people. I would much rather have been one of the people who camped outside of bookstores the world over before the last book came out. Doing all this for a movie feels a bit cheap for an English and Communications major. Well, I guess film is a big part of mass communication and media . . .

Anyway, you don’t want to listen to me deal with my guilt on here. You want to hear about Harry Potter!

By the way, how about this fan video? Just watched it for the third time. And cried. For the third time. Don’t lie. You did, too.

The song “Marching On” is honestly a perfect embodiment of the journey that Rowling’s characters have taken us on. I am so amazed at how the series has evolved and “grown up” at the same rate as it’s main characters and as it’s primary readership. The internal and interpersonal conflicts have traveled through early childhood bullying, pubescent romance problems, divided loyalties, and ultimate self-sacrifice.

The books are impossible to outgrow because they themselves are continually growing. For this reason, I refuse to believe that their impact could every truly end.

Live Well, Dress Well: Death Eater Dresses?

In the trend forecast for Fall 2011 we see an emergent style which Elle magazine has dubbed Dark & Stormy. The fashion mag says of this trend, “Elongated silhouettes embellished with feathers, dramatic layers, and cut leather feel decidedly enchanting.”
Mmmm. Decidedly enchanting. Sounds lovely. While Dark & Stormy may be a perfectly fine pet name for this spooky trend, the runway looks above made me think of something entirely different.

Due to the above models all sporting getups that Bellatrix Lestrange would certainly be able to rock, I am now christening the Dark & Stormy fashion trend . . . Death Eater Fashion!
But how to translate this “let’s-get-in-touch-with-our-dark-sides” look into everyday life? Obviously because of the dark colors, this trend will be more appropriate come fall and winter, but there is no reason that you cannot sneak a little Death Eater into your daily getup. Here are some tips to get you started:
  • Wear all black
  • Wear lace and leather
  • Elongate your silhouette
  • Layer
  • Add dark-colored feathers
  • Don’t do your hair
                 Pants, Top, Bandeau, Booties, Ring

High-waisted pants paired with heels are a great way to elongate your shape. These pants even have some B.A. little spikes at the ankles! Granted, they are a smidge pricey. The booties also have a classy level of edginess to them. Incorporate some more dark and stormy style by layering a lace crop top over a black bandeau. By the way, College Fashion did a great piece on styling crop tops over here. I also snuck in a snake ring to give tribute to the Slytherin snake.

Of course, any of the above elements could be styled to make a great death-eater-esque look for they days when you’re feeling just a bit . . . you know . . . bad.

Are You Not Entertained: The Delightful Deathly Hallows (Beware of Spoilers)

Thrifted lace cut-out top, Charlotte Russe olive tee,
DIY shorts from thrifted trousers, American Eagle sandals

So I snuck a “What I Wore” in here, too. Sorry to surprise you. The title was getting too long!
Well, the book in my tender grasp serving as a nice summer accessory is, of course, none other than the seventh and final installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. You probably think that I’m doing what all other Harry Potter fans are currently doing–marathons! Watching all the movies! Reading all the books! Brushing up on all things Harry before it all ends this Friday!
Actually, I am reading The Deathly Hallows for the first time.
You see, before this past May 30th, I had never before seen a Harry Potter film, read a Harry Potter book, played a Harry Potter video game . . . you get the idea. I came from one of those families who didn’t want their kids growing up thinking that some kinds of witchcraft were healthy and good.
Anyway, I then made it my summer project to journey through the entire series by the time the final film came out on July 15th. The plan was to read a book and then watch the movie ad infinitum until I was finished. Of course, life happened, and I sometimes ended up reading the book after the movie and I actually skipped parts of The Order of the Phoenix (shame on me). Nevertheless, here I am, about to emerge on the other side of a wonderful adventure in the mind of a brilliant author.
I so regret that I was not able to be a part of this cultural phenomen as I grew up, but I am also grateful that reading the books as an adult meant that I could better appreciate them as works of art.
P.S. The movies are pretty ‘meh’ compared to the books.

Did I fail to mention that this was the best book I have ever read?

Since getting married, I’ve been a bit of an emotional wreck, and things that I used to be able to enjoy stoically now move me to tears. I’ve cried over plenty of movies and songs, but this was the first book that has ever moved me to tears. That, my friends, is using the power of words in the way which God intended. Anything less is betraying the gift of language. Joanne Rowling, you are a witch in your own right. You have mastered the magic that is the English tongue.

Let me just say that I have loved Snape ever since The Sorceror’s Stone and have been waiting for the magical moment when we find out that he is actually a good guy. The foreshadowing of this fact was too strong to ignore. When Harry began to explore Snape’s memories through the Pensieve, I felt a lump growing in my throat every moment that I continued to read. And when Snape showed Dumbeldore his doe patronus representing Lily!

Oh my word . . . I was a goner. I bawled all the way through the rest of the Battle of Hogwarts.

Anyway, I am off to purchase tickets for a midnight showing. Josh and I were going to attend the premiere dressed as Harry and Ginny, but he has to work and I’ll be going with my little sissy instead. How sad. Ah well, Halloween next year, right?

I kind of look like I’m still crying in this last one . . .

Photo Shoot: Rachel, Alley Cat

So there’s this alley in my old hometown where I have had many fabulous photographical memories. For example, one of my favorite shots from Josh’s and my engagement shoot was taken there.

After an afternoon gallavanting with my sis, she begrudgingly agreed to let me take a few pictures of her–which turned into an all-out photo shoot in which much fun was had by all.

Here are the highlights of the day:

She be’s so gawgeous!