Biker Chic (Sort Of)

Yep, ’cause I surpassed the speed of light. . .

Josh’s paparazzi photos

Happy Middle-of-the-Week-Evening-Where-You-Breathe-a-Tiny-Sigh-of-Relief-and-Say-‘Yes,-This-Week-Will-Eventually-End!’

Other people call it Hump Day, but the above more accurately describes how I felt tonight.

Sometimes nothing feels better than putting aside whatever needs to be done on a given night and instead going for a bike ride with your man which inevitably turns into a paparazzi-style photo shoot. I love these pictures <3. They’re all so unique and so different from the images we usually capture. The next time you decide to procrastinate, make sure to take along a special someone and a camera. You never know what might happen.

Another word of advice, bike and maxi dress? Not my best idea.


Photo Shoot Disappointment at the Hyatt Regency

The bar where Josh and I got our fruity little Christian-school, under-21 drinks

Sultry lounge, anyone?

This is made out of magazine pages!

I kind of failed to mention this, but I got picked up by the Keen Agency! They believe me to be “quite marketable” and want to represent me.
First, let me say that I went through quite the ordeal this weekend confirming to myself and my family that this was not a scam (we’re talking everything from the Better Business Bureau to Merchant Circle and beyond . . .) Ultimately it seemed legit, as the only expense the agency required was the cost of hiring a photographer to establish one’s portfolio for promotional purposes. For those who don’t know, this is an expense for which models are always personally responsible.
I eagerly set up my shoot with the amazing Cheryl Skinn of Harlequin Photo because the agency has an arrangement with her that states that aspiring Keen models need only pay her sitting fee for a fully produced shoot.

Nico Merrit of Fusion Salon planned on retouching my roots a couple hours before the shoots, but the process took longer than we had anticipated and I was fifteen minutes late to my shoot.

When I arrived, Cheryl told me that she was leaving and that I would have to travel to another city later on to reschedule my shoot. I knew that Josh and I could not afford such a trip, and try as I might, I could not keep myself from crying over my missed chance. Cheryl took pity on me and agreed to do the shoot quickly.

I paid her sitting fee, and twenty minutes later, it was all over. I had fumbled my way, puffy-eyed and half-crying with no hair or makeup done, through what was supposed ot be the most important photo shoot of my life.

And that shoot cost me a pretty penny, let me tell you what.

Needless to say, I am feeling a bit downtrodden. The best I could do to cheer myself up was to take a few pictures of the beautiful hotel where the shoot was to take place and to snap a “sneak peak” of the final portfolio.

On the escalator holding up the dress I wore for the shoot
and trying not to look like I’ve been crying
Josh snapped this “gem” of my other shoot outfit once I got home.
Didn’t exactly make me feel better.

The Long Way Home”

On the road again! Came home this weekend for Hannah’s shower. Home next weekend for Josh’s birthday. Home two weekends after that for a friend’s wedding (not Hannah’s, there’s actually another). So much driving!

But also so much home 🙂

The sky was doing some weird and semi-apocalyptic things on the way home, so I snapped a few (okay, many) pictures of the clouds.


This last one strikes me as so incredible. It looks like a wave fizzling onto a golden beach.
I hope you had a lovely weekend filled with your loved ones.

My Dad in a Nutshell

With the help of my little sister, Nicole, and, I give you . . . my Dad throughout the ages.
Luscious locks, man

Shagalicious! This one looks pretty real.

Here my dad is a doppleganger for his hippy older brother, Steve,  circa 1975

Again, kind of creepy how real this looks
This is totally my fave.
Yeah, Dad, you rock on in that Motley Crue tee!
My dad as escort for my mom, the homecoming queen.
Chaffeuring brought to you by other little sister, Rachel.
Okay, those were very nice, but Father’s Day is supposed to be somewhat sentimental, right? So I now present you two pictures that are very lovely indeed, but that will make me cry the moment I post them. I leave you with their adorableness.
Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Live Well, Dress Well: Lingerie Shower (and Sonic)

Tonight Hannah, my best friend since forever, had a lovely lingerie shower in light of her upcoming wedding on July 30th. Silly me, I didn’t realize that nowadays ladies were having both a housewarming shower and a lingerie shower if so desired. Let me tell you, I have never seen so much underwear in my life! The girl is set for life.
Of course, I didn’t have the presence of mind to actually take pictures during the perfectly-planned shower (colored plates and Mexican food, anyone?). I did, however, snap to attention afterwards when Hannah offered to facilitate my first-ever trip to Sonic! Did you know they actually bring the food to your car? I was trying to capture this magic in the second super-sketchy picture, but it mostly just ended up looking kind of stalkerish.
Anyway, this is a bit risky, but I really wanted to try a fashion post inspired by lingerie. Maybe even incorporate a few lingerie pieces into an outfit? *Gasp!*
This look is sooo Fall 2009, but attending a party dedicated entirely to bras and panties put me in the mood to try it out for myself.
Anyway, here goes:
The key with channeling the lingerie-inspired look is to incorporate sexy elements like corset tops, lace, satin, and sheer and colors like nude, black, and white into classy outfits. Lingerie pieces are the absolute best for layering. Can you imagine what a bombshell you’d be with a lace-up corset just peeking out from under a blazer? Layering keeps lingerie and lingerie-inspired items modest, yet intriguing.
Remember to not show too much skin when trying out this look, and don’t pair your lacy lovelies with high-heeled boots, fishnet stockings, leather, or other “cliche” items that will immediately send your look in the wrong direction.
Happy Weekend! One day left.
And don’t forget that tomorrow is Father’s Day!

Live Well, Dress Well: Inspired by Michael Card

A few years ago, my husband introduced me to the music of Michael Card, an early Christian pop artist to whom Josh was introduced by his much older cousin. I think Josh got into it because he was intrigued by the fact that his cousin had to listen to it in secret since his parents thought any type of music with a beat was of the devil.

Wow, if this stuff is of the devil, I don’t even know where Lady Gaga and T-Pain fall on the Judgment scale.

Card first became popular in the 1980’s, which in and of itself provides an explanation for why I love him so. This artist is everything great about conservative eighties pop. If only there were a bit more rock and roll to him . . .

Wikipedia laud his songs “which couple folk-style melodies and instrumentation with lyrics that stem from intensive study of the Bible.” I could be inspired by this sentence alone for how succinctly it sums up all that is excellent about this musician’s work. Card is a brilliant man who begins with complex biblical concepts and then transforms them into relatable lyrics rich with imagery. Then he adds keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, pan flutes, and whatever else to create a sensational music experience.

However, rather than channeling his music as the source of my inspiration, I turned to his style–or lack thereof. He dresses like a 1983 bachelor–which he was.

Still, I was intrigued by Card’s ultra-preppy and conservative way of dressing when I saw his outfit on the cover of the album “Scandalon” some time last year. I loved the simplicity and was eager to embrace the masculine edge in my own style. To heighten the challenge, I based my outfit off of one of Card’s cheesiest album covers. This one is for the album “Joy in the Journey”:

Here is the resulting outfit:

I chose a long-sleeved T-shirt with a similar color and style to the one Card wears in this photo and dark-wash skinny jeans to channel the black in his hat. The newsboy cap I selected was reminscent of Card’s hat as well, and the guitar earrings gave a nod to the blue background and (of course) to Card’s guitar. I chose these oxfords merely because they were fabulous and menswear-inspired. The Star of David ring is just a fun accent that reminds me of the many Old Testament themes in the songs Card writes.

All in all, I’d say I did well at this challenge. How about you?

“Creativity is not necessarily a special calling or gift from God to the few, it is a natural expression of the fact that we are created in the image of God, who is the creator. It is His thumbprint on our souls, a part of His signature.” ~Michael Card~

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Modeling Go-See


  • The cell phone that I just bought that was made in 2001. I think I’ll be returning it.
  • Waiting for my car’s oil to get changed and then finding out that the job was cancelled because my oil pan gasket is leaking . . . whatever that means.
  • Not getting mailed invitations to my best friend’s wedding because whoever is mailing them out assumes I know everything already. I gave the girl a sexy nightie at her church shower and now all I have left to give her at her lingerie party is a couple floor lamps! 
  • The conversation coming from the booth next to me. “It’s not my problem if he wanted to go to the ball pit by himself.” “I should be consoling you. You’re the one who’s daughter is dead.” “I wish I brought my butterfly cane. This one is ugly.”
  • Seeing the amazing Dennis Johnson of The Father’s House at Panera and stopping myself from saying “hi” upon realizing that he has no idea who I am.
  • Getting lost in a parking garage in the city with no cell phone.
  • Using a foreign taxi driver‘s cell phone to find my husband. 
  • Buying a fruity little non-alcoholic drink that cost more than a whole meal at Taco Bell. (okay, that was actually kind of awesome. I felt all grown-up)


  • Asiago roast beef sandwich, broccoli cheddar soup, and an iced chai latte from Panera Bread Co. Foodgasm!
  • Stopping in at hubby’s workplace to say ‘hi’ and get kisses over lunch.
  • Spending much of the day at my new full-time job–writing in public places. That’s why I’m typing away in Panera right now. Free WiFi!
  • The way the world smelled during today’s afternoon cloudburst.
  • Watching short films I made in high school (also a bit awkward, I guess)
  • The mad ritzy hotel where I auditioned tonight. The decor was all black, white, pink, and purple. So chic!
  • Taking off my incredibly painful heels after the casting call.
  • The amazing family Josh and I met tonight. The mom is a sweet deaf lady; the dad is a part-time software technician, woodworker, ASL interpreter, and magician; and their son is a fifteen-year-old model and actor. You bet I friended them on Facebook.
  • Joshy being just as anxious waiting for the call-back as I am!
  • Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for Xbox. So funny I could die. That character runs exactly like Jack Sparrow!