Macaroni Grill Birthday Boy

Joshy’s birthday festivities simply will not end! Today, after Rachel’s preview day at Roberts Wesleyan College, my Grandma took Josh and I (and my Mommy, cousin Ashley, and Rachel) out to the Macaroni Grill. I couldn’t figure out why she was so dead set on Macaroni Grill when we had all had our fill of Italian food in the past couple weeks and she spent the entire meal complaining about how she didn’t like the way anything tasted.

Then, as they brought out Josh’s free dessert, it all became clear. Intead of the usual raucous “Happy happy birthday from all of us to you!”, a single waitress made her way out into the crowded dining room and began singing “Tanti Auguri a Te,” the Italian version of “Happy Birthday to You.” (It literally translates to “best wishes to you.) The girl had a voice that froze every fork halfway to its master’s mouth and caused every glass to tremble with her beautiful resonance. Josh, in all of his love for languages and all of the work he is putting into his career in linguistics, told me that he was almost moved to tears.

Grandma gave me a knowing smile, and I understood.

Josh’s new best friends 😉

Mom and Grandma deciding on some food that they won’t like . . .

The waitress wrote her name on the table, which also happens to be my name!
I love the purple and green crayons lying next to it, because those are Josh’s and my favorite colors.

Happy little birthday boy with his sangria

Kind of a funny story . . . I’m wandering around Macaroni Grill taking pictures of everything because the ambience is very nice. The head chef of the restaurant comes out and asks me how it’s going.

I don’t even answer him. I just say, “You don’t like me taking pictures, do you?”

He says it’s okay for me to take pictures of some things. He just needs to know what it’s for.

I don’t feel like I’m going to be taken seriously with the response, “I’m an artist who takes pictures of random stuff. Leave me alone.” So I just told him I would sit down.

My mom says the guy probably thought I was from his competition. She says I should have told him, “Well, Olive Garden let’s me take all the pictures I want.”


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