Happy Birthday, Josh!

While Hubby’s birthday is not actually until Monday, June 27th, surprise celebrations were in order for today!

I have been (since Easter) attempting to plan a surprise party for Josh back home in PA. While his mom and I have been downplaying his birthday and saying that we haven’t planned much . . . haven’t gotten him much . . . et cetera . . . behind the scenes a birthday bash has been in the works! I was so proud of myself for not letting a word slip. He was actually surprised! Completely, 100% surprised!

But get this, it’s not over . . . When we go back to our home at school tomorrow night, a bunch of our friends from Rochester will be waiting in our appartment to surpise him there, too! This might seem like overkill, but I did it because I was so sure that he would find out about one or the other and I was determined to surprise him.

You don’t understand how bad I am. You know the piece of artwork I’ve been working on for so long and hoping to give to him for his birthday? Three times now it has been pulled up on the computer when he has sat down to use it. So not a surprise anymore.

Above is the amazing collage my sister Rachel made for Josh’s twenty-first. She is coming to school in the fall to be a graphic design major. She’ll fit right in :-).

Pics of today’s party will come later. They’re on Mama Thurston’s camera.

Also, don’t worry. Josh has been forbidden to check my blog this weekend because it contains surprise stuff. And he won’t. Just because I asked him. He’s that good.


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