My Dad in a Nutshell

With the help of my little sister, Nicole, and, I give you . . . my Dad throughout the ages.
Luscious locks, man

Shagalicious! This one looks pretty real.

Here my dad is a doppleganger for his hippy older brother, Steve,  circa 1975

Again, kind of creepy how real this looks
This is totally my fave.
Yeah, Dad, you rock on in that Motley Crue tee!
My dad as escort for my mom, the homecoming queen.
Chaffeuring brought to you by other little sister, Rachel.
Okay, those were very nice, but Father’s Day is supposed to be somewhat sentimental, right? So I now present you two pictures that are very lovely indeed, but that will make me cry the moment I post them. I leave you with their adorableness.
Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!


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