Live Well, Dress Well: Lingerie Shower (and Sonic)

Tonight Hannah, my best friend since forever, had a lovely lingerie shower in light of her upcoming wedding on July 30th. Silly me, I didn’t realize that nowadays ladies were having both a housewarming shower and a lingerie shower if so desired. Let me tell you, I have never seen so much underwear in my life! The girl is set for life.
Of course, I didn’t have the presence of mind to actually take pictures during the perfectly-planned shower (colored plates and Mexican food, anyone?). I did, however, snap to attention afterwards when Hannah offered to facilitate my first-ever trip to Sonic! Did you know they actually bring the food to your car? I was trying to capture this magic in the second super-sketchy picture, but it mostly just ended up looking kind of stalkerish.
Anyway, this is a bit risky, but I really wanted to try a fashion post inspired by lingerie. Maybe even incorporate a few lingerie pieces into an outfit? *Gasp!*
This look is sooo Fall 2009, but attending a party dedicated entirely to bras and panties put me in the mood to try it out for myself.
Anyway, here goes:
The key with channeling the lingerie-inspired look is to incorporate sexy elements like corset tops, lace, satin, and sheer and colors like nude, black, and white into classy outfits. Lingerie pieces are the absolute best for layering. Can you imagine what a bombshell you’d be with a lace-up corset just peeking out from under a blazer? Layering keeps lingerie and lingerie-inspired items modest, yet intriguing.
Remember to not show too much skin when trying out this look, and don’t pair your lacy lovelies with high-heeled boots, fishnet stockings, leather, or other “cliche” items that will immediately send your look in the wrong direction.
Happy Weekend! One day left.
And don’t forget that tomorrow is Father’s Day!

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