Live Well, Dress Well: Inspired by Michael Card

A few years ago, my husband introduced me to the music of Michael Card, an early Christian pop artist to whom Josh was introduced by his much older cousin. I think Josh got into it because he was intrigued by the fact that his cousin had to listen to it in secret since his parents thought any type of music with a beat was of the devil.

Wow, if this stuff is of the devil, I don’t even know where Lady Gaga and T-Pain fall on the Judgment scale.

Card first became popular in the 1980’s, which in and of itself provides an explanation for why I love him so. This artist is everything great about conservative eighties pop. If only there were a bit more rock and roll to him . . .

Wikipedia laud his songs “which couple folk-style melodies and instrumentation with lyrics that stem from intensive study of the Bible.” I could be inspired by this sentence alone for how succinctly it sums up all that is excellent about this musician’s work. Card is a brilliant man who begins with complex biblical concepts and then transforms them into relatable lyrics rich with imagery. Then he adds keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, pan flutes, and whatever else to create a sensational music experience.

However, rather than channeling his music as the source of my inspiration, I turned to his style–or lack thereof. He dresses like a 1983 bachelor–which he was.

Still, I was intrigued by Card’s ultra-preppy and conservative way of dressing when I saw his outfit on the cover of the album “Scandalon” some time last year. I loved the simplicity and was eager to embrace the masculine edge in my own style. To heighten the challenge, I based my outfit off of one of Card’s cheesiest album covers. This one is for the album “Joy in the Journey”:

Here is the resulting outfit:

I chose a long-sleeved T-shirt with a similar color and style to the one Card wears in this photo and dark-wash skinny jeans to channel the black in his hat. The newsboy cap I selected was reminscent of Card’s hat as well, and the guitar earrings gave a nod to the blue background and (of course) to Card’s guitar. I chose these oxfords merely because they were fabulous and menswear-inspired. The Star of David ring is just a fun accent that reminds me of the many Old Testament themes in the songs Card writes.

All in all, I’d say I did well at this challenge. How about you?

“Creativity is not necessarily a special calling or gift from God to the few, it is a natural expression of the fact that we are created in the image of God, who is the creator. It is His thumbprint on our souls, a part of His signature.” ~Michael Card~


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