Live Well, Dress Well: Going to a Go-See

Today, I am off to my first casting call for a modeling job (called a go-see in the fashion industry.) I will be interviewing for The Keen Agency operating out of Clarks Summit, PA.

Good old Pennsylvania. Man, I miss your rolling green hills.

This is just a little instructional video about dressing for a modeling go-see. By the way, shooting this with an upwards camera angle has made my lower half look absolutely ginormous.

Here is a summary of the guidelines I mention in the video:

A fitted tank is the best bet. Nothing too baggy, flowy, or fancy. Remember to show off your shoulders! Sleeveless is the way to go.

Dark skinny jeans flatter your legs and show off your curves. Don’t hide your shape in anything full-figured, but don’t show too much skin. Keep it classy.

Heels are a must! Again, not too fancy in the color or style realm, as this can be distracting.And no sling-backs (personal fail). The ankle strap is not a requirement, but it’s so stinking cute.

I don’t think you needed to be reminded of this one . . . but your face should be your face with nothing covering it. Viva la makeup look au natural! Photo credit here and here.

I’m so nervous! I’ve been nibbling cold vegetable lasagna all morning. This thing needs to happen so I can get it over with . . .


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