Artist Inspiration: Tom Sachs & The Selby

Hop on over to Vimeo today to watch a spectacular film about art and the artist’s process. Granted, it’s no Exit Through the Gift Shop, but it is an example both of excellent filmmaking and excellent art and sculpture.

This short film is by The Selby and it explores the life and mind of artist Tom Sachs.

P.S. Your life will never be the same after you find out what “knolling” is.

Tom Sachs, A Selby Film

Thank you to College Fashion for pointing me to this amazing vid that I may point others thusly!

Macaroni Grill Birthday Boy

Joshy’s birthday festivities simply will not end! Today, after Rachel’s preview day at Roberts Wesleyan College, my Grandma took Josh and I (and my Mommy, cousin Ashley, and Rachel) out to the Macaroni Grill. I couldn’t figure out why she was so dead set on Macaroni Grill when we had all had our fill of Italian food in the past couple weeks and she spent the entire meal complaining about how she didn’t like the way anything tasted.

Then, as they brought out Josh’s free dessert, it all became clear. Intead of the usual raucous “Happy happy birthday from all of us to you!”, a single waitress made her way out into the crowded dining room and began singing “Tanti Auguri a Te,” the Italian version of “Happy Birthday to You.” (It literally translates to “best wishes to you.) The girl had a voice that froze every fork halfway to its master’s mouth and caused every glass to tremble with her beautiful resonance. Josh, in all of his love for languages and all of the work he is putting into his career in linguistics, told me that he was almost moved to tears.

Grandma gave me a knowing smile, and I understood.

Josh’s new best friends 😉

Mom and Grandma deciding on some food that they won’t like . . .

The waitress wrote her name on the table, which also happens to be my name!
I love the purple and green crayons lying next to it, because those are Josh’s and my favorite colors.

Happy little birthday boy with his sangria

Kind of a funny story . . . I’m wandering around Macaroni Grill taking pictures of everything because the ambience is very nice. The head chef of the restaurant comes out and asks me how it’s going.

I don’t even answer him. I just say, “You don’t like me taking pictures, do you?”

He says it’s okay for me to take pictures of some things. He just needs to know what it’s for.

I don’t feel like I’m going to be taken seriously with the response, “I’m an artist who takes pictures of random stuff. Leave me alone.” So I just told him I would sit down.

My mom says the guy probably thought I was from his competition. She says I should have told him, “Well, Olive Garden let’s me take all the pictures I want.”


Hello there!

This pic just cracks me up because I have no recollection whatsoever of it being taken. I guess it’s a pretty good confidence boost, since I could look a lot worse considering how oblivious I am of the camera’s presence. My eyes are just a bit wide and starry, is all.

Must have been looking at Josh ❤

Starving Artist: Drinks to Try!

Yesterday was my hubby’s twenty-first birthday. He enjoyed his night drinking his first wine Pignot Grigio and said that it “tastes quite good” as he finished a bottle without feeling much of anything (that’s good, I guess?).

Sadly, I still have a year-and-a-half wait before I can legally imbibe here in the States; however, as of this coming January, Josh and I will be in Spain, where the drinking age is only 18! I will spend six months being allowed to drink in Spain, will turn twenty while there, and will return to a six-month wait until I can drink in my own country. Ah, well, se la vie.
All that to say, Josh’s drinking adventures are getting me excited (despite the fact that meager sips of alcohol in my past have led me to the conclusion that I am the world’s most outrageous lightweight) for my own adventures in the distant future. Here are the drinks I am most excited to try:
Keep in mind, I’m a girl who likes it as sweet as it comes, and I have already tried pina colada, mimosa, and sangria (naughty me). Man, I could drink those pina coladas until the sun goes down . . . or until I got caught in the rain. Haha!
White Russian- vodka, Kahlua, and cream. Anything with cream has to be good, right?
Sex on the Beach- It’s just the name, okay?  Vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice
Root Beer Float- The grown-up kind. Whipped-cream-flavored vodka and either root beer or coke.
Blue Hawaiian- rum, Blue Curacao, cream of coconut liquer, and pineapple juice. Ah, cousin to my beloved pina cola.
Tequila Sunrise- So classic and simple. Tequila, orange juice, and grenadine.
Plum Martini- Doesn’t the name just get you excited? Plum juice, Blue Curacao, simple syrup, sour mix, and some type of purpley fruity vodka (blueberry, grape, etc.). Who knew I’d be craving vodka so much? Also, the sunset yesterday was the exact color of this luscious-looking drink.
Is everybody nice and thirsty now? 😉

Starving Artist: Progressive Dinner

Having a youth pastor for a father is an infinitely helpful resource. For one thing, it means never having to think twice about keeping guests entertained at an impending shindig. Simply pull something sensational out of Dad’s bag of youth group games which easily translate into fabulous party games!

For another thing, it means oodles of ideas and inspiration when it comes to outings and daytrips. Today we focus on the progressive dinner.

Aptly named, the progressive dinner is a well-loved youth group dinner outing that moves from location to location as it progresses through the courses. This might sound like something that would be complicated to orchestrate, but it is actually ideal from a planning perspective. Each family involved in providing the meal need only prepare one item! None of this dinner-party drama where you have to figure out which side dishes go best with red meat versus poultry and making sure that you have enough salad for everyone and whatnot. Participants are only responsible for one course, usually one of the following:

Salad or fruits & veggies- Pretty self-explanatory. Dip or dressing is a must.

Appetizers- More savory pre-meal munchies. Potato skins, mozzarella sticks, or even a light soup are all great options.

Drinks- Because this is a course all in itself, step it up a notch. None of this milk, water, or juice business. For adult crowds, this stop can be all about fabulous mixed drinks. For a younger crew, unique punches are ideal. Other stops should provide only water as their drink so as to make the most of this one.

Main course- Again, pretty self-explanatory. Just remember, only a main course. None of this spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread. Stay focused and save yourself some trouble.

Dessert- Go wild and wind up the night!

When organizing an event such as this, map out the most direct route among all of the homes of those who have volunteered to cook (or to just buy drinks) and then assign them one of the above courses based on the sequence in which their house will be visited. You will also need people to volunteer to drive. Carpooling makes this easier on everybody. It’s so fun to caravan from place to place.

Also, make sure you limit each stop to to 15 to 30 minutes. This might seem rushed, but that is the whole point! The slight frenzy makes it a thrilling dinner you and your friends will remember.

Josh and I would like to try this at the beginning of next semester with the other married couples on campus (all three of them, guess we might need to enlist the help of some other people).

Happy Birthday, Josh!

While Hubby’s birthday is not actually until Monday, June 27th, surprise celebrations were in order for today!

I have been (since Easter) attempting to plan a surprise party for Josh back home in PA. While his mom and I have been downplaying his birthday and saying that we haven’t planned much . . . haven’t gotten him much . . . et cetera . . . behind the scenes a birthday bash has been in the works! I was so proud of myself for not letting a word slip. He was actually surprised! Completely, 100% surprised!

But get this, it’s not over . . . When we go back to our home at school tomorrow night, a bunch of our friends from Rochester will be waiting in our appartment to surpise him there, too! This might seem like overkill, but I did it because I was so sure that he would find out about one or the other and I was determined to surprise him.

You don’t understand how bad I am. You know the piece of artwork I’ve been working on for so long and hoping to give to him for his birthday? Three times now it has been pulled up on the computer when he has sat down to use it. So not a surprise anymore.

Above is the amazing collage my sister Rachel made for Josh’s twenty-first. She is coming to school in the fall to be a graphic design major. She’ll fit right in :-).

Pics of today’s party will come later. They’re on Mama Thurston’s camera.

Also, don’t worry. Josh has been forbidden to check my blog this weekend because it contains surprise stuff. And he won’t. Just because I asked him. He’s that good.

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Taco H*ll


  • Showering in the girl’s locker room across the street because our building’s water was turned off
  • Every single manager at work telling me to “think about” staying at Taco Bell even though I gave my notice ages ago. Hello! Done thought about it!
  • Josh’s birthday present not being ready yet 😦
  • Being begged to work until 8 rather than 5 like I had planned
  • Riding a bike in a dress=most awkward thing I have ever done.
  • Josh hanging over my shoulder with a sad face, waiting for his real-time-strategy game to load
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Getting into a legit fight with Josh because I was not crazy about Tangled, which was apparently, “the best movie [he had] seen in a long time!”


  • Having a new phone! It’s like a Blackberry, but it’s the cheap Tracfone kind.
  • Thunderstorms. God is bowling!
  • Taco Bell food. Gotta love that $5 box that picks me up mid-way through my eight-hour shift.
  • Extra hours at work=extra money!!!
  • Eating steak at a friend’s house. Unfortunately, this happened to Josh and not me. Haha.
  • Planning Josh’s birthday surprises which I cannot talk about on here because he might read my bloggy-blog sometime!

Biker Chic (Sort Of)

Yep, ’cause I surpassed the speed of light. . .

Josh’s paparazzi photos

Happy Middle-of-the-Week-Evening-Where-You-Breathe-a-Tiny-Sigh-of-Relief-and-Say-‘Yes,-This-Week-Will-Eventually-End!’

Other people call it Hump Day, but the above more accurately describes how I felt tonight.

Sometimes nothing feels better than putting aside whatever needs to be done on a given night and instead going for a bike ride with your man which inevitably turns into a paparazzi-style photo shoot. I love these pictures <3. They’re all so unique and so different from the images we usually capture. The next time you decide to procrastinate, make sure to take along a special someone and a camera. You never know what might happen.

Another word of advice, bike and maxi dress? Not my best idea.

Photo Shoot Disappointment at the Hyatt Regency

The bar where Josh and I got our fruity little Christian-school, under-21 drinks

Sultry lounge, anyone?

This is made out of magazine pages!

I kind of failed to mention this, but I got picked up by the Keen Agency! They believe me to be “quite marketable” and want to represent me.
First, let me say that I went through quite the ordeal this weekend confirming to myself and my family that this was not a scam (we’re talking everything from the Better Business Bureau to Merchant Circle and beyond . . .) Ultimately it seemed legit, as the only expense the agency required was the cost of hiring a photographer to establish one’s portfolio for promotional purposes. For those who don’t know, this is an expense for which models are always personally responsible.
I eagerly set up my shoot with the amazing Cheryl Skinn of Harlequin Photo because the agency has an arrangement with her that states that aspiring Keen models need only pay her sitting fee for a fully produced shoot.

Nico Merrit of Fusion Salon planned on retouching my roots a couple hours before the shoots, but the process took longer than we had anticipated and I was fifteen minutes late to my shoot.

When I arrived, Cheryl told me that she was leaving and that I would have to travel to another city later on to reschedule my shoot. I knew that Josh and I could not afford such a trip, and try as I might, I could not keep myself from crying over my missed chance. Cheryl took pity on me and agreed to do the shoot quickly.

I paid her sitting fee, and twenty minutes later, it was all over. I had fumbled my way, puffy-eyed and half-crying with no hair or makeup done, through what was supposed ot be the most important photo shoot of my life.

And that shoot cost me a pretty penny, let me tell you what.

Needless to say, I am feeling a bit downtrodden. The best I could do to cheer myself up was to take a few pictures of the beautiful hotel where the shoot was to take place and to snap a “sneak peak” of the final portfolio.

On the escalator holding up the dress I wore for the shoot
and trying not to look like I’ve been crying
Josh snapped this “gem” of my other shoot outfit once I got home.
Didn’t exactly make me feel better.

The Long Way Home”

On the road again! Came home this weekend for Hannah’s shower. Home next weekend for Josh’s birthday. Home two weekends after that for a friend’s wedding (not Hannah’s, there’s actually another). So much driving!

But also so much home 🙂

The sky was doing some weird and semi-apocalyptic things on the way home, so I snapped a few (okay, many) pictures of the clouds.


This last one strikes me as so incredible. It looks like a wave fizzling onto a golden beach.
I hope you had a lovely weekend filled with your loved ones.