Photo Shoot: Rachel All Growed Up

My little sister, fairest maiden in all the land, graduated from high school this weekend. Not only this, but she graduated salutatorian just like her big sissy! For those who are wondering, I was beat out by smartypants Josh for valedictorian.

Anyway! I am so proud of Rachel, and I absolutely cannot wait for this fall. Rachel has decided to attend the same college as Josh and I! She will be living right across the street from us in a matter of months! I have missed her so desperately. You can imagine that this is the greatest news ever.

In honor of the big day, I now post a few of the loveliest pictures ever taken of my sister, and I am more than a smidge proud that it was I who took them 😉

This one kind of takes my breath away
Love her so much!

Her current loveliness and brand-new status as a graduate are a bit overwhelming since I still remember when we looked like this:

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