Live Well, Dress Well: Inspired by David Kassan

I am a huge fan of the realism genre in visual art. It sounds boring, but I find it so fascinating that people have that kind of skill which enables them to so perfectly recreate images of the world around them.
Most mind-boggling to me out of all realistic art is the photrealism genre. If you have never seen an example of photorealistc art, look no further than graffiti artist David Kassan.
I’m sure if I happened to walk through an alley painted with one of his creations, I would think there was an actual person leaning up against the wall. The attention to detail when it comes to shading, texture, and depth is absolutely unbelievable. Be sure to check out these other artists whose creations look like they could come to life.
I created two outfits inspired by David Kassan–one for each of the above samples of his work.
This one is inspired by the painting of the older woman. I wanted to channel the pale color palette as well as the darkness of the image and the bright pops of pink. I think of maturity when I look at this woman, so I added the blouse and structured vest for a “grown-up” feel. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but this woman strikes me as so old. Maybe not in terms of years, but she’s just experienced so much. She’s so tired it’s almost as if she’s dead–hence my morbid skeleton necklace.

This next painting is so sultry to me. I selected an asymmetrical dress because of the girl’s off-shoulder look in the image. She seems very sweet, but also like someone who’s been through some hard times. I toughened up the outfit with some studded Mary Jane heels and a chain belt. I kept the outfit largely monochromatic in keeping with the original picture. The only real color is provided by the pink lipstick, inspired by this girl’s perfectly formed lips.

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