Live Well, Dress Well: Inspired by Kate Nash

Kate Nash is a British pop diva who fills my heart with such youthful delight that I can hardly stand it. Her music is playful and cheery without being syrupy sweet. She sings with just enough obnoxious irreverence to make her music real and significant to your average young person, and what’s not to love about that accent?

I adore Kate’s style not only because she is simultaneously classic and creative or because she masterfully utilizes color, but also because (in my experience) she is sexy without being slutty. She doesn’t have to show off 95% of her skin in order to turn heads (Hello, gorgeous red hair?) She strikes me as a really confident and down-to-earth girl, as is suggested by the lyrics of her song “Mouthwash.” For this reason she is one of my biggest style icons.

Photo Credits 1 and 2: Pipe Colors

This dress inspired this outfit:

I mostly leaned on Kate’s color choices for inspiration in this case; however, the fun yet put-together feel of the pieces is also very her. She picks clothes that both flatter and delight by selecting well-fitting pieces with unique patterns and color combinations. The necklace that seems kind of random over there on the left was inspired by the low scoop neck of Kate’s dress.

And this song inspired this outfit:

I don’t know why, but an orange tank top and brown leather jacket totally says “cheese on toast” to me, and while you probably couldn’t wear these fierce pumps to a disco without falling over on the dance floor, they have a disco-esque vibe for me. The flower hair accessory is there because . . . well, what says happy like a flower? It also illustrates how Kate comes off as sweet, but as the B.A. leopard pumps suggest, she has a wild side.

Does Kate Nash make you “Merry Happy,” too?


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